St George's Day celebrations 28.04.2019

Baden-Powell chose Saint George to be the patron Saint of Scouting. He felt that the Saint George legend set a good example of faith, courage and perseverance for future generations.

VISG 88 organised a joint event with scouts, leaders, parents and some pets of the scouting families on the beautiful spring Sunday 28th April at the wonderful premises of the Vienna Scouting Group 64.
The day was planned and organised in close cooperation with all the leaders and parents board. The idea was to organise the event close to the 24th April, which is known as the day of Saint George - Saint George is the patron saint of the Scout Movement.
The overall idea of the event was to explain and also demonstrate the parents, what scouting is and how the meetings, camps and other scouting events are been planned and executed. This was done by showing and telling practical examples and of course some hands-on activities.
The day started with a gathering in the beautiful Heuriger area in the 21st District. The families were kindly asked to provide some national special dishes for a joint food-buffet. All the scouts (Cubs and Brownies and Scouts and Guides) started the well-welcomed treasure hunt and obstacle track, while the parents had their own ice-breaking event, by getting to know each other. Another highlight was the building of the tents and preparing of the food-buffet.
And when it was time for the delicious food-buffet all the numerous participants (close to 40 people) were like one big family - it was wonderful to see how well the participants from almost all the continents got along.
It was really a marvellous day and after having fun and delicious dishes it was time to go home, bearing on mind one of the BB`s (Baron Robert Baden-Powell) mottos...
"Leave this world a little better than you found it",
that also goes well to the enthusiasm how well everybody participated in the cleaning of the host scout groups premises.

A big thank goes to all of you who participated in the event!