Rosemary Ghosh, United Kingdom


Scout since when?

I'm from the UK and have been involved in Guiding and Scouting since I was a Brownie.  I've been a Rainbow and Brownie leader in England and a Guide leader for British Guiding

Overseas in Switzerland.

 What are your strengths?

I enjoy planning activities based on what Guides and Scouts suggest and enabling them to develop and refine outdoor and teamwork
skills through experiential learning.

 Why are you involved in Scouting and Guiding?
I love how international Scouting and Guiding is - wherever I have been,I have found local groups to visit and we all have the same Guiding and Scouting principles of community action and self-development in common.  To enable young people to develop the skills needed to flourish in an ever-changing, multicultural society is one of the best things about being involved with Scouts and Guides. 

And the camps and s'mores round the campfire!

Anna Heidlmair, Austria

Scouts since when?
I started scouts when I was in primary school. After a longer break I joined scouts again at the age of sixteen because life is just better with scouts!
Why are you doing that?
I love the community that scouting is and this feeling of belonging. It is amazing to see that the kids can be themselves and form a great group in which they all take care of each other and have lots of fun. For me, scouting is about growing as a person and exploring life in many different ways.