To be a Guide or Scout means …

Vision Statement of the Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Austria

… experience democracy and peace

We are members of the world’s largest youth movement. We provide a lasting contribution to peace through experiencing democracy and international meetings.


… be critical and politically independent

We encourage critical thinking. We also deal with social political challenges by keeping our independence from political parties.


… respect our environment and protect nature

We encourage our young members to be advocates for the protection of nature and the



… experience community, strengthen competences

We offer children and young adults a community where they can develop their strengths and social competences and encourage the comprehensive development of our members.

We strengthen their team-capability and moral courage through effective participation of children and young adults.


… recognize necessities, stimulate individuality

We promote children and young adults according to their age and gender specific needs. A major aspect therein is the open and sensitive approach to their religious and ethnic origin.

The promotion of personal faith is important for us. We are open for people with handicaps.They contribute to the community with their abilities.


… experience adventures

Our special strength is the pedagogical work for and with children and young adults from 7 to 20. We translate our program into action with the help of qualified trained adult leaders throughout Austria.


… be active as a volunteer, use abilities

Our voluntary members help to create the community through their active involvement in a responsible way. They get their motivation from the sense of their social commitment and from the value of personal friendships within the movement. Our adult leaders develop through exchange of experience, through learning within the group, through personal further education and on training seminars. The qualifications and competences they gain can also be used outside the



… require and encourage permanent development

Our program for children and young adults and the training of voluntary adult leaders are continuously developed on the basis of our fundamental principles. This development is based on an ongoing evaluation, a permanent exchange between our young members and the adult leaders as well as on the contribution of personal experiences from private and professional environment.